Facebook’s own tips on brand-building!

Tips on Brand-building Have you read the new tips that Facebook have shared regarding Ad Campaigns? If you are wondering how you can build your brand while driving direct responses, continue reading! It can often be difficult to find the perfect mix of brand-building and also driving direct response, but we have you covered. [...]

7 Ways to Engage With Your Audience on Social Media

Engaging with your audience is the first step towards making sure that your audience will not forget about you. There are a lot of social media accounts that are not thriving because they do not know how to engage their audience. This article aims to provide seven ways to keep a business engaged with its [...]

7 Tips In Choosing the Right Article Photo

Choosing an article photo is only half the battle in creating good content.  The photo must have specific requirements.  The social media manager or whoever is handling the posting should know that they cannot just choose any photo that comes out of a search. Considering this, it is important to review the things that a [...]