Are your audience engaging with you?

Imagine performing at a concert, but there is no crowd watching you perform. Deflating huh? It is the exact same for businesses on social media. If you have a great product, but no audience to watch it.. then what is the point?

Although it may seem like a simple task, it most definitely isn’t. Building an audience on social media is the first job, but then getting them to engage with you is the second job!

Social media can be a lonely place for businesses trying to gain interaction from an audience that they simply don’t have. You might find yourself going round in circles and circles trying to find them, but they just aren’t there. If that’s you, we have you covered with step to step guides on building an audience and ensuring they engage.

Steps to building an audience

For those of you that already have an audience on your social media platforms, you can skip this part and head to ‘steps to engaging your audience’! For those people unsure as to if they have an audience, this if for you.

  1. Share videos/reels – Even if it isn’t yourself talking directly to the camera, showing clips of what your business has to offer will be more favourable than you think. Reels in particular have a GREAT reach, allowing hundreds-thousands of people to view whatever you have posted. What better way to build an audience through engaging videos.
  2. Host competitions – They are a great way to get your business out there as everybody sharing your post, is likely to be interested in your products or services. If part of the competition is to share your post and follow your account, then you have gained prospects.
  3. Use hashtags – This technique is often mis-used, with people using the wrong hashtags. Try focussing on what you think people will be searching, opposed to hashtags that you want to use. For example, a social media agency (Aston Social) would use hashtags in all industries such as #interiordesigncompany and #buildingcontractoruk, because these are the people we wish to target. When people in them industries search them tags, they will see our post which will hopefully spark an interest.

Right, now you have an audience (we hope!) Let’s now focus on how to get them engaged.

Steps to engaging your audience

  1. Be proactive – It sounds simple, but is the most important of them all. Once you listen and respond to your online community, you will see a big shift in social media engagement. People like to be listened to and know that you are focussing on the customer, so ensure you keep them at the forefront of your social media strategy.
  2. Give people a reason to follow you – Ask yourself, ‘why do I use social media?’ Also ask yourself, ‘What do I post that interests my followers?’. If you can’t think of the answers, you’re doing it wrong and should consider changing your strategy. One of your main social media focuses should be concentrating on your followers and what they want to see.
  3. Use of polls – These are a great way to engage with your audience and let them feel listened to. If you are an Interior Designer, why not post two photos and ask your audience which they prefer? If you are a builder, why not post two styled houses and see what is more favourable? Polls are a great way to keep your algorithm happy and of course engage with your audience!

You may have noticed the common link in all three steps above, which is ‘your audience’. Keeping your audience happy really is the key to a successful social media page.

Get in touch if you want to have a chat on how you can build your audience, or get them engaged. It’s not an easy task, so if you are struggling with doing so – we are here to help.