Should your business use digital marketing?

The short answer to this question, is yes. Traditional methods of marketing are very much so still relevant and successful, in-fact many large businesses survive through traditional methods. But, digital marketing allows businesses the opportunity to reach a huge amount of people, extremely quickly.

How crazy to think we could set a large budget, create an Ad, make it live and by tomorrow, 10’s of thousands of people would have already seen it. This idea must have been like finding gold for Marketers right?!

But what will it do for my business?

So this heavily depends on what form of digital marketing you decide to use, and how often you use it.

Social Media Marketing works differently for businesses who put different amounts of effort in. For example::

A children’s clothing business uses social media once a week and does no advertising. Another children’s clothing business posts every day, on their grid & stories, and had a £200 monthly Advertising budget. Who do you think will get more business? My vote is with the second business that is heavily involved in Social Media Marketing. You get in what you put out. 

The same works with Social Media Advertising

Whatever your budget may be, it is key to know exactly who your target audience is. If you know your audience, social media marketing will put your content in front of

If you consider taking the time to configure your buyer persona (see our blog here if you haven’t defined your target audience), then your targeted advertising should be reaching the specific people you aim for it to. But if you don’t know who to target, or you don’t really know who your audience is, how can you expect Social Media Advertising to work?

What’s the next step?

We recommend carefully configuring your digital marketing strategy and carefully considering what platforms you should focus on. Ensure you have your target audience figured out before focusing your efforts anywhere else, it will put you a step ahead moving forward.

If you’re still confused as to where you should start, or what platforms to use – get in touch. We offer free assessments to discuss your businesses aims and goals, and what platforms we would recommend from them.