Tips on Brand-building

Have you read the new tips that Facebook have shared regarding Ad Campaigns?

If you are wondering how you can build your brand while driving direct responses, continue reading!

It can often be difficult to find the perfect mix of brand-building and also driving direct response, but we have you covered. We can get you maximising immediate sales AND establishing your brand at the same time, which is what we all want hey?

Facebook believe brands are facing a common challenge:

“Many advertisers today struggle to balance short-term sales activation with long-term brand growth. And while both are critical to marketing success, traditionally these strategies have been viewed as distinct. Often performance marketing/DR and brand teams are in their own silos, with their own budgets and their own distinct – and perhaps conflicting – goals and priorities.”

But that shouldn’t be the case should it? Why should both goals work separately on their own? That’s right, they don’t need to! Check out Facebooks campaign here, conducted through 34 different advertisers, across 10 verticals.

Mobile usage

As shown in the article, Facebook says using direct response campaigns to drive brand awareness, is down to optimising campaigns for mobile. This is a huge part of balancing the both at once.

Key to driving brand awareness through DR media is optimizing campaigns for mobile. Advertisers who build creative assets for mobile experiences see better performance across areas such as brand awareness, brand familiarity and ad recall.

Let’s be honest, mobile usage is forever on the increase, so it would make sense right? Even further into that, Facebook usage on mobile use is huge so therefore makes it easier to grab the attention of its users.

Effective Branding

Although it all sounds fairly easy, we cannot lose track of branding. In particular, branding requires a dedicated amount of both time and effort and cannot be pushed aside at any stage.

If your branding is focused on product, this is likely to benefit both yourself and your competitors, because you’re showing off a product that is widely available. However, effectively branding YOUR content will put in a better position alongside your competitors. Ensuring you are establishing your brand identity at an earlier stage, will massively help brand awareness/recognition and distinguish your business from other businesses within your niche.

If this interested you, take a read of Facebooks article here: ‘Value of performance branding’.

And if you are unsure how to do any of the above and may require professional help, contact us here!