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everything you need to know about social media management to improve your brand

Social media management is involves our team getting to know your business and through development of a social media strategy, creating and publishing content that aligns with your business and business objectives.

Social media marketing is a strategic way of promoting your brand, product or service online. It helps get your name in front of the right people.

Akin to Google AdWords, most social media advertising platforms work on a ‘Pay-per- Click’ or a ‘Pay-per- Impression’ basis. You’re only charged for what you get, as opposed to the likes of television where the advertising reach is an estimate based on polling.

A social media influencer reaches consumers on your behalf using their blogs and social media networks. Typically a social media influencer has access to a large audience and can easily persuade with their authenticity and reach.

A social media strategy, whether it be big or small, is necessary to help you define how your brand will create an environment for fostering social connection whilst also increasing revenues. Social Media Strategy is the process of developing what content you need to use to engage your audience, defining who your audience is and how you will attract them.

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