How to find and engage with your customers

It’s not as easy as it sounds, let me tell you that one. The key to finding and engaging with your customers is to focus on building relationships with them. Relationships are built on trust, and people buy from people they trust.


As the picture states, hashtags are a great way to find people relevant to your industry.

Wanting to find prospects within the Hospitality Industry – search #hospitalityindustry 

What about finding prospects within the London location – search #London

Or maybe people who love fashion? – search #FashionInspo

Hashtags are a great way for you to find the people you need, be as creative as your mind allows you to be!


It sounds very simple, huh? Well you’re right, it is! Commenting is a quick yet effective way for you to engage with your prospects.

Rather than simply liking others content, why not go that step further with a comment?

Share the love – ‘I love this!!’

Ask questions – ‘How did you do that?! It look’s great!’

Tag friends (or other businesses) – ‘Ah great, @xyz you should see this’.

Direct Message

Yep, this is actually a thing now. With the growing popularity of social media, comes growing popularity of direct messaging too.

Not only is it easier and quicker than other forms of contact (like emailing), but it is all done through the same platform. Makes sense right?

Direct messaging allows you and your prospects to have 1-1 conversations, especially with more detail than you would have if you spoke through ‘content comments‘. It also allows them to find out more about you and remember your business name for future conversations or referrals.

Connections > Conversations > Conversions

Connections, connections, connections, they are so important.

When finding and engaging with potential customers, ensure you focus on building relationships. The rest will follow.

If you’re struggling on building a ‘community‘ through Social media, consider reading our article that gives you some content ideas for doing exactly that.