When speaking to people about Digital Marketing, its easy to forget that they don’t know as much as I do. Sometimes things that I think are well-known, in fact aren’t.

Given that I know a lot about digital marketing, I wanted to share some features that I believe not everyone knows about.

Let’s get to it!

  1. Targeted Advertising

Now this might sound like something that everyone knows, but I have many conversations with people who haven’t understood the significance of advertising or how specific you can really go. The list is endless.

Did you know that we can literally target you if you have liked ‘Harry Potter’ on Facebook? Or go to a certain community club? Now the one that seems to get most people hooked, is that we can target your Facebook page with ads relevant to what you have searched on Google. Creepy huh? But great for businesses and great for Marketers!

  1. Video Content

Did you know that 68% of consumers have said they prefer to learn about a product/service through video? With only a small 3% preferring to learn through an infographic. These numbers alone show how important it is to incorporate video into your social media strategy in 2021.

When we say video, we don’t just mean YouTube! How about a Facebook or Instagram live? The engagement rates from lives tend to be sky high. Fancy something slightly easier? Try compiling a TikTok or Instagram Reel!

  1. Influencer Marketing

Now we know that Influencer Marketing isn’t something that is new to the scene, but it is something that is often misunderstood.

Now Influencers can come at a cost, some at a significant cost, but that doesn’t rule out Influencers all together. The important thing to consider is ROI and whether or not the investment is worth it, which it normally is when carefully considered.

Firstly, find a list of Influencers relevant to your brand. Don’t focus on an extremely large following, because these accounts are those that’ll come with a high price. Find smaller profiles of people who will have a genuine interest in your product or service, this is when they’ll be the most use to your business.

Now consider and plan out what the agreement will be between you both, remembering that this should be agreed and signed by both parties. Some of our clients have huge success from giving products in exchange for content, a win win situation. If an Influencer is genuinely interested in your company, they are normally happy to post content if they receive the products for free.

Definitely something worth considering!

  1. Pinterest Lens

Now I bet you didn’t know that Pinterest has a new visual search tool that allows you to take a photo of something before finding out where to buy it online. I think it’s great that Pinterest have jumped on board and added this feature, keeping up with the times for sure.

  1. Social Commerce

This isn’t a new feature, but its something that we still see companies forgetting to do. This is pretty crucial because 72% of users have made purchasing decisions based on what they saw on Instagram, what a statistic. Don’t ever believe that you can’t make sales directly through social media, because you can.

If you have a brand that is very visual, show it off! Are you a Home Renovation company that have breath-taking ‘before & afters’? Show them off. Do you sell a product that is easy on the eye? Show it off. Instagram is the place for you to do exactly this!