Has Covid changed the way consumers see brands?

With brick and mortar stores being closed for quite a while now, online shopping has become the norm hasn’t it? Who can confidently say they haven’t made any online purchase over the past year?

Well, we are keen to see what happens post-pandemic! According to a 2021 Consumer Research Report by Salsify, this trend will continue, who agrees? The key to this article is finding out how online businesses can grab hold of the pounds being spent!

We are going to keep this article basic, so let’s outline some key steps that every business should have covered!

  1. Keep your website polished

Who is aware how important a clean and updated website is? Because you should do!

Could you imagine how disappointing it would be for your hard-earned website visitors to land on an unappealing, poorly designed, slow website? If your website isn’t easy on the eye, visitors will leave. It really is that simple. Having great products/services means nothing if people are unable to explore them further.

Tip: Check out your website from a prospects point of view and give honest feedback as to whether you would continue navigating it.

  1. SEO

Right, Search Engine Optimisation is the next step for your polished website. If you have the best looking site but people cant find you through Google, what’s the point? You can see where we are going with this one.

If you’re unaware of what SEO is or does, it essentially helps you climb up the ‘Google ladder’. Having an on-going SEO strategy in place is particularly effective for brick-and-mortar stores, because it allows people to find them through local area searches. On the other hand, SEO is crucial for online businesses who don’t have a physical store because it will allow people to find them. Either way, whatever your business is, SEO is a win-win!

We have a really interesting article primarily focussing on SEO, check it out here!

  1. Social Media Content

Understanding the importance of social media marketing and what it does for your business is the hard part, after that it’s smooth sailing (well, not entirely).

Social media is the perfect place to create high-quality, valuable content. Marketers should focus on content that resonates with their audience and addresses issues they are facing, this is what will attract them to you over your competitors.

If you’re struggling for content ideas, check out our blog article here. It’s easier than you think, but only when you set aside specific ‘content-creation’ days.

Oh, we actually did an Instagram post outlining ‘Content Ideas’. Check it out below.

  1. Social Media Advertising

If you haven’t considered social media advertising, now is the time. Unfortunately, organic reach isn’t as strong as it once was but you have to consider how many people/businesses are on social media nowadays. The algorithm also plays a huge part in organic reach, it decides who frequently sees your content and who doesn’t. The algorithm is not our friend.  To be more specific, studies have shown that your audience only sees 0.5% of your social media updates across business profiles. Crazy huh?

Social media advertising will ensure that all that time and effort is worth it. Targeted advertising allows you to choose selected audiences based on their job title, industry, buying behaviour and previous searches. Some people might say its creepy, but its great for Marketers! Oh, and we can retarget! Facebook retargeting is an extremely powerful way to bring those prospects back and ensuring your business is high up on their radar!

So let’s just say, it isn’t necessarily easy getting customers, but there are certainly factors that make it easier!