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Gone are the days when posting alone was enough on social media, but now you have to consider what time these posts are getting out there. Sounds a lot of work huh?

As a social media marketing agency, we know the best times to get your content seen by many eyeballs. We take pride in our detailed reporting and analytics, which actually gives us a great insight into what time you should be posting. To find out more about our social media management packages, click here.

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It’s always going to be difficult finding the exact time to post, because each business will differ based on their different target audiences. But, a report from 20,000 users must be somewhat accurate right? Yep, we thought so too!

Sprout Social have based their information on when there are higher engagement rates, opposed to when users are most active (which is what the app will show you). To be honest, this report is probably more accurate because we would prefer users engaging that just ‘being online’.

Let’s dive into it…


Data is showing that Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday are the best days to post due to higher engagement. Getting more specific, between 9am and 1pm will work best. Through experience, people are more active in the morning, whereas they might be more inclined to effortlessly scroll in the evening. We are all guilty right?

Quite an interesting point to note, is that the weekend is the worst time to post. I mean, it does make sense as users tend to be spending their time elsewhere, but I don’t want to believe this one. Through my own personal experience, I have had posts sky-rocket at the weekend, so it’s a hard one to determine.

An interesting point to back up my own point, is that business users might not post as frequently over the weekend. If this is the case, engagement is going to be lower, potentially influencing the results of the report. Perhaps this is why weekends look very un-engaging, but who knows!


Both platforms are completely different and so are their audiences. Funnily enough, Monday – Friday has been shown to be the best time to post on Instagram. With IG, the timing is more specific, 11am-12pm.

Who is going to test it out? We would love to hear from users that feel this has worked for them.


Data is showing that you should take advantage of Tuesday through to Thursday, 9am and 12pm. We are seeing quite a similar pattern here, that earlier on in the day is better.

We did expect this, but weekend posting on LinkedIn is a no-go. The weekend engagement is extremely low, but after all LinkedIn is a business platform so we get it.

Putting the data aside for a moment, Aston Social have seen great engagement on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 8pm onwards. Our personal opinion was that people are right in the midst of their working week, so scrolling through LinkedIn in the evening could be beneficial.

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It’s super interesting to see that different platforms have different ‘best times’ to post.

Again, the most suitable time to post is going to differ from business to business. We highly recommend using data correctly to figure out what works best for your business.