The impact of Social Media Influencers on your business

You may not have seen or read it, but I  recently published an article based on Social Media Influencers and how they can help your business. If you did miss it, check it out here.

The reason for writing another today, is because of an article I have just read. The information was too useful for me to not share with you all.

If Social Media Influencers are not part of your digital strategy, you may want to include them moving forward.

If the quote above doesn’t make you want to involve Influencers into your strategy, then, well, I don’t know!

In the article, Linqia did a report on her findings based around Social Media Influencers.

Would you believe that in 2021, 71% of of Marketers were looking to increase their Influencer budget, a huge increase from the 57% in 2020. This statistic alone goes to show how important they can be for businesses, and how Marketers are starting to realise that.

We could then ask ‘but why now?’…

The reason as to why businesses are hoping to increase their budgets for Influencer marketing, is because they are seeing results from their efforts. It really is as simple as that.

But again, ‘why’?

Because people quite clearly relate more to other people on social media, than they do brand entities. This is important to remember.

The study also found out that number of followers has a huge part to play. But exactly how huge?

This year, 90% of Marketers have said that they want to work with micro-Influencers, but why the growing demand?

Firstly, micro-Influencers don’t come with a large price-tag (well, maybe sometimes). Not only are they more cost-effective, but they also tend to have stronger connections with their communities. One point on that note, is that I have personally seen a noticeable difference on some big-star Influencers during the lockdown and how they are trying to become more ‘community-focused’ (which is great).

But putting that aside, micro-Influencers are growing in demand and we cannot shy away from that.

Even if you are not reaching a HUGE audience, you are potentially reaching a more close-knit audience which is vital for your business. Close-knit communities tend to have strong loyalties.

If you’re struggling on deciding what Influencers would work best for your business. Get in touch with us here.

If you’d like to read Linqia’s full report, take a read here.