Choosing a social media agency isn’t easy.

How is one meant to know that they are doing ‘the right thing’ by choosing an agency? or knowing that they are choosing the ‘correct’ one? Well, hopefully I can help clear that up for you.

Let’s begin with a brief introduction to Aston Social.

What do we do?

We essentially help businesses grow through digital marketing, undertaking social media management, strategy, advertising, AdWords, SEO and website builds. Sounds complicated huh? We love what we do, and we know we are good at what we do.

Breaking it down even further, we help businesses that might not have the capabilities to think of/or design creative content to publish across their social platforms. Our in-house team take care of all creative aspects – collateral, content schedules, posting, replying & commenting and reporting. Oh, and we will never post anything without consent from you.

Check out some examples of social media content below:

There are 39 Million Brits on Social Media in one way or another, this gives us plenty of people to target through advertising. We narrow down your audience by demographics, by industry, by job role or just by their interests, by showcasing your product right in front of their eyes. What’s even better, is we get to your people before they even know they are interested in your product/service.

Have you ever searched for something on Google, two minutes later click on Facebook and a similar product is there right in front of your eyes? Yep, that’s what we do. Some people may say social media advertising is creepy, but I think it’s great for Marketers!

Anyway, let’s get to it.

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Social Management – More followers, more leads, more sales.

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Do you need an agency?

How to decide

There are a number of factors that could push you towards signing on with an agency, but if you have the in-house capabilities, you might sway away. If you’re unsure whether you need the additional help or not, check out both sides below.

Reasons to work with an agency

  • Struggling to increase performance/make sales
  • Aren’t sure how to measure results internally
  • Have budget but don’t know how to spend it
  • No dedicated team/employee to focus time
  • Limited time to spend on digital marketing

Reasons why you may not need an agency

  • You have a strong internal Marketing team
  • You have too much business
  • You are not looking to expand

Once you decide if a social media marketing agency is right for you, the big part is choosing a company that you trust. But how will you know?

Let’s be honest, people buy from people they trust. Having a strong working relationship with an agency is key, we take this aspect of our business very important. We like to work alongside our client’s, rather than ‘for them’. Before making ‘the move’, consider planning out your aims, objectives and goals beforehand.

Knowing your goals

If you begin by preparing your goals and outcomes, it will make the process a lot easier. Not only are you giving the agency goals to work towards, but it will allow them to build realistic KPI’s to ensure they are achieved.

Don’t know what kind of goals to aim for?

  1. Increased brand awareness – greatly important to build trust and credibility
  2. Increase of sales – who doesn’t want more sales?
  3. Finding new business – business you may not find without social media
  4. Expanding to another area – social media can make business expansion easier
  5. Create a community – People buy from people that they trust

So what should you look for in an agency?


You know when you get off the phone with somebody, and you automatically feel like you trust them? What a great feeling that is. Anyhow, we know it’s not always that easy. If an agency is bending over backwards to show you that they can trust you, the likelihood is that you probably can. We are in a very competitive industry, so if we do not try to build sizable working relationships, we will not get far.

Customised service

When it comes down to digital marketing, having a customised service is a must. If an agency tries to ‘fob you off‘ with broad and generalised goals and objectives, we suggest moving elsewhere. Social Strategies should always be specific to your business, so don’t let anyone tell you different.

Each business has their own objectives and target audience, so it certainly isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of job.

Advanced Expertise

It’s fairly easy for people to act like they know their stuff, but it’s also easy to spot a real professional in the industry.

Although it’s not nice when somebody opposes you, this is common within our industry. For example, if a client suggests something they want to focus on (yet I don’t think it is worth their time/money), we will truthly share our suggestions and recommendations. After all, we all want the best outcome right? So if an agency does this, it’s probably because they know their stuff. Agencies should always share their observations and give strategic recommendations to help where applicable.


It’s ok to ask to see previous work, especially reporting or results. When you’re potentially spending a lot of money on a digital agency, it’s understandable for you to want to have reassurance through results of previous campaigns.

Forgetting reports for now, check out for great testimonials. Testimonials are a real insight into an agency and ensure you know what to expect from working with them.

Check out our Case Studies page, we are proud of our extensive testimonials on there. 

The way that we like to put it…

“If you went shopping for a dress, and found one that you love.. you wouldn’t carry on shopping would you?”

When you find an agency that you are happy with and trust, go with your instinct because it is usually right. We have helped a lot of companies who typically went for price over quality, and saw bad long-term results.