There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to social media and its typical ‘uses’, with some people not fully understanding just how important social media can be for their business.

So let’s go through some of the myths we hear regularly…

Myth 1: Brands should be on every social media platform

This is one of the major issues that I often come across being a professional within the industry. Prospects believe that they will be successful if they are active on every social media platform possible, but that isn’t the case.

Whilst it is a good idea to claim your brand name on various social platforms, businesses should put higher focus on platforms where their target audience are, remembering that social media platforms have different purposes, as well as different users. You will find different people on Instagram than you would on LinkedIn, and that will always be the case.

Myth 2: Post, post, post

Having a successful social media presence does not mean post, post & more posting. Sure, regular posting is important, but is your content valuable to your followers? Posting valuable content less frequently will be more worth your time, try it and see!

If your content is not getting much engagement, the algorithm will work against you and ensure your posts aren’t then being shown to as many people as you’d hoped for! Unfair right? But I suppose it does push you to get the highest engagement possible, something valuable content can do for you!

Tip: Try liking, commenting, and engaging with others posts hopeful they will do the same.

Myth 3: Everyone will see your content

As mentioned above, the algorithm plays a huge part in deciding for you who sees your content. Unfortunately, less than 3% of your followers will see your content, what a sad statistic huh? When posting content, the quicker that your followers like, comment, share or save it, the more feeds you will appear in.

Ensure you are focussing on content that resonates with your followers!

Myth 4: Social Media Marketing is free

Social Media Marketing is by no means free, and certainly not always cheap. One thing that is important to remember, is that the ROI is always high when social media strategies are implemented successfully. Spending money to receive quality results is a no brainer in our eyes?

Depending on the services involved, platforms involved and Ad spend involved, monthly budgets fluctuate for all businesses but the outcome makes it worth every penny!

You may think ‘but we can manage our social media ourselves?’, but then the question we ask is ‘are you getting results from it?’. Something I find myself saying often is that social media is a job in itself, and boy is that true. If you are a builder and you specialise in building residential properties, I wouldn’t expect you to share my knowledge on social media, and vice versa.

Remember: Your time spent preparing and using social media technically still comes at a cost. Focussing your efforts on your primary job and letting an agency take control of the social side of things could be exactly what you need.

Myth 5: Only pages with a high following will be successful

This could not be further from the truth. We often find that certain people have very high followings, yet extremely low engagement rates, which is not beneficial in the long-run.

Sure, it feels great to see your following increasing each day, but how many of these people are interested in you and your product/service? That is the important question you should ask. This brings us back to customer engagement, which should always be the no.1 focus to any social strategy.

We always recommend that you build 200 loyal followers, opposed to 2000 un-interested followers, you will get better engagement from this.