There is often a misunderstanding of social media and what construction businesses should be doing on there, so we are going to clear that up and give our recommendations moving forward. We all know that the Construction industry is extremely visual, with the majority of finished projects being easy on the eye.

Social media is often used as a tool to control conversation around your brand, essentially a channel for you can engage in discussions with your followers. Social Media gives you an opportunity to share business updates and important industry news, which quite frankly wouldn’t be so easily available without the use of these platforms.

It is important to remember that social media is the place where your prospects will go to to find out more about your brand. It is likely that 2, 3 or maybe 4 of your competitors profiles will also be checked. Stand out, stay consistent and you will have one up on them.

Now let’s delve further into what you can do and how it can help.. (because I know that’s what you’re all waiting for).

  1. Increase website traffic

Now who doesn’t want an increase in traffic to their website? We certainly wouldn’t say no. Without the budget for SEO, having a consistent and active presence on social media will result in increased website traffic, cost-effectively! Win-win? That being said, the results wouldn’t be as significant as SEO, given that social media’s main purpose isn’t to increase website traffic – whereas SEO’s is!

  1. Building Brand Awareness

So, this is something that social media was literally made for. Social Media gives you the opportunity to build a reputable brand and ensure people know who you are the minute they click onto your page.

Social Media really is the place where you can not only build your brand, but have a targeted audience that are interested in your service. Exploit this.


  • Using a brand colour scheme (in theme with your logo). This will ensure you are recognised in the same way that we recognise McDonalds for its red and yellow, and Coca Cola for its red.
  • Use a consistent voice and tone. A consistent tone of voice allows your target audience to recognise you, remember you, and build trust and credibility towards your brand.
  1. Becoming a community

Social Media really has changed over the past year or two, but we personally think it’s for the better. Brands are turning into communities and lets just say, its definitely working in their favour.

We are understanding that the power of word-of-mouth is greatly intense within the Construction industry, but building a community through your social media platforms takes W-O-M to a new level. All of your recommendations and referrals have somewhere where they can follow you and stay updated with any business news you share. Even better, they can share your news and updates to their followers opening opportunities for new business that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.


  • When you have completed a project, ask your client to share a review on social media. This could be done as a grid post or story, but either way it will bring recognition to your brand. Nothing beats an extremely satisfied client promoting your service on their page.
  1. Focus on visual

As mentioned earlier, we know that you all take pride in the work you do, which is why you should focus on the visual side of it. Often companies try selling the service opposed to the finished product, which is why they may struggle getting the amount of business they deserve.

Let’s face it, a house completed with fitted floor tiles is bound to draw us in more than a photo of just the tiles, right? As humans we want to be able to relate to something, which is why we like seeing the finished product.


  • Keeping consistent with all of your images. If you focus is on school and corporate flooring, ensure your page clearly outlines this.
  • Outline progress photos and behind the scene content. People LOVE this type of content because it not only humanises your brand, but it shows people your capabilities which is greatly important presuming you are within a very active industry.

We can confidently say that a lot of people don’t understand social media, or think they do but are actually missing out on opportunities they are unaware of. Take the time out to focus on why a prospect should choose you over your competitor and stay consistent with it.